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A San Diego Boat Accident Attorney Discusses Common Accident Causes

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

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sailboat for san diego boat accident attorneyBoating accidents in San Diego can stem from a number of causes. In the paragraphs below, a San Diego Boat Accident Attorney addresses some of the most frequently seen.

Primary Causes

Overall there are several causes for incidents involving boats or other watercraft. These include:

Operator error or negligence. Carelessness, distraction, use of alcohol, speeding, ignoring safety warnings, attempting daredevil stunts or otherwise operating a boat in an irresponsible manner is a prime cause of collisions or other accidents. Boating should be fun, but safety procedures and responsible operation are a must at all times. Boat operators are responsible for the lives of the people aboard, and should behave accordingly.

Lack of a lookout. There should be someone aboard to watch for potential hazards such as submerged logs, other boats, and wildlife. This person also “spots” the pilot in when approaching a dock for mooring, and care must be taken for this to be done safely. The designated lookout must maintain focus, as he or she may see an obstacle invisible to the pilot or driver.

Insufficient qualifications, training or experience. The safe operation of a watercraft of any type requires at least some training. Water safety courses, pilot training or other forms of education should be taken before attempting to take a boat out. As stated before, a pilot is responsible for the souls aboard the vessel. Lack of experience can prevent an operator from perceiving and avoiding hazards, and can cause panic in an emergency situation where a level head is required.

Out-of-control passengers. While the pilot is responsible for those aboard, passengers also bear some responsibility for their own safety. Crowding too many people on one craft, roughhousing, attempting to jump overboard while the boat is moving, or otherwise behaving in a reckless or dangerous manner can result in serious injuries or death. It is up to the passengers to use good sense, remain where they are supposed to be, and use the appropriate safety jackets or other devices. It is up to the pilot or operator to ensure that they do so.

Know Your Legal Rights

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