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What Actions The Tortfeasors’ Insurance Company Will Take Concerning Your Personal Injury Claim

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

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There are steps that the opposition’s insurer must take in processing your case. In this article, a San Diego personal injury attorney outlines some of these. San Diego personal injury attorney - Scales of Justice in Courtroom

Where to Start

In any personal injury case, the first step is to alert the insurance company and advise them of the incident. They will then create a file that will contain all of the particulars of your case and this will be sent to the claims adjuster who has been selected to work with you and your San Diego personal injury attorney. If additional adjusters are required, they will be assigned accordingly.

Independent Investigation

As part of the process, the adjuster will conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. He or she will also keep in touch with your San Diego personal injury attorney throughout the case. The investigation conducted by the adjuster will seek the information shown below:
• Who is liable for the accident. The adjuster will want to know if their client bears the total responsibility for your injuries or if you were in any way to blame yourself. If so, then you could bear comparative or contributory negligence also.
• The location at which the accident took place and whether or not anyone saw what happened.
• Whether or not those who might have seen something are willing to come forward and give testimony.
• Reports from law enforcement officers, any reports filed by the Department of Motor Vehicles or the results of any other types of investigation that may have been conducted.


Both the claims adjuster and your attorney will also need documentation from all of the medical personnel who treated you. This includes medical evaluations and reports from hospitals, doctors, trauma centers, physical or other therapists, emergency personnel or any others who provided treatment for your injuries. It also includes invoices from pharmacies for any prescription medications that you were required to take. Scrupulous accounting of all expenses will be of immense help in facilitating the resolution of your claim.

Time Lost From Work

Documentation of any time that you had to take from your job during treatment or recuperation will be of extreme importance. Such documents as time sheets or pay statements should be carefully kept and made available so that all claims of expenses incurred by you are documented with hard-copy backup.

Before Contacting an Insurance Company, Talk to a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

If you are being represented by a personal injury attorney San Diego, it is crucial that you let your attorney know of any questions or concerns you have instead of going directly to the insurance company of the defendant. Going to the insurance company directly could jeopardize your claim and undermine your attorney. Talk to your lawyer with any questions you have.

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