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Our Auto Accident Attorney San Diego Is Familiar with Questionable Insurance Adjuster Tactics

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

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Auto Accident Attorney San DiegoYour auto accident attorney San Diego will explain various underhanded strategies certain insurance claims adjusters might use to lowball you.

Your Auto Accident Attorney San Diego Will Describe Lowballing Strategies Insurance Claims Adjusters Use

An auto accident attorney San Diego will tell you that an unscrupulous claims adjuster might do the following to reduce the damages that you will receive in your claim:

1) Getting a letter from another personal injury lawyer.

An opposing personal injury lawyer will be asked to write a letter stating that your claim is worth a small amount, if anything at all. This letter can be shared with the claimant to try and convince him or her to accept a settlement offer.

2) Using geography to inconvenience the claimant.

If the claimant lives in a different state from where the incident that caused the injury occurred, the adjuster might take advantage of these circumstances. It can be inconvenient and expensive to travel back and forth. The claimant might decide that it is better to accept the settlement than go through all this difficulty.

3) Exploiting social stigmas to negatively portray the claimant.

The claims representative might examine the claimant’s lifestyle and use that to paint them in a negative light. An example is if the claimant is a motorcycle enthusiast and belongs to a local club. This could be viewed badly by the jurors and reduce the claim amount.

4) Shopping around for experts.

A claims adjuster might search for an expert who will, in exchange for payment, be willing to provide testimony that will contradict the case an auto accident attorney San Diego presents. This is done to make certain that there is an expert’s opinion in the record to help the adjuster to reduce the settlement amount and have a justification for doing so. The adjuster and the adjuster’s supervisor are responsible for this expert’s investigation. This report might not be usable if it is deemed to be based on an agenda, tilted, incomplete, or unfair.

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