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How Can I Get Ready for My Deposition?

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

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San Diego personal injury lawyer - GavelIn most situations, you will know about your deposition well in advance, so you will have a chance to prepare for it. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer can answer your questions about your deposition and help you get ready. The more prepared you are for your deposition, the better your chances will be for a favorable outcome. You should follow the advice your San Diego personal injury attorney gives you and also think about the following tips:

  • Give your answers some thought before you speak;
  • Listen to the defense attorney’s questions carefully. There are defense attorneys who will try to trick you by making several statements and asking you to agree to them. At the end, they might throw in a statement that is not true and then ask you to agree to it. You might be in the habit of agreeing and then accidentally agree to a wrong statement;
  • Dress formally; choose the same kind of clothes that you would wear to a job interview;
  • Your San Diego personal injury lawyer may give you interrogatory answers and other documents. Make sure to read through them carefully and ask your San Diego personal injury lawyer about anything that you do not understand;
  • Keep your answers short and to the point. If you try to expand your answers, you might accidentally say something that will hurt your case. Only explain your answer in more detail if you are asked to do so;
  • Your San Diego personal injury lawyer is likely to instruct you to be truthful. This is excellent advice. It can be tempting to lie, especially if you are worried that your answer will hurt your case. If you lie and are discovered, it may destroy your case;
  • Look the defense attorney in the eye and speak clearly; and
  • Be polite and do not argue with the opposing attorney. Arguing may harm your case.

15 Tips for Giving a Good Deposition

Staying calm, cool and collected during your deposition can help you avoid making a critical mistake. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you prepare for the deposition so that you are not as nervous during the process. Go over these 15 tips with your attorney before you give your deposition.

Contact A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

As you can see, there is a lot to remember and prepare for in a deposition. A San Diego personal injury attorney will be able to rehearse questions with you and help you get ready for your deposition and with every other part of your personal injury case.

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