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Carlsbad Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Photographic Evidence of Auto Injuries

This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

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Carlsbad Auto Accident Lawyer x-rayIf you have been injured in a car accident, a Carlsbad auto accident lawyer may be able to advise you as to the next steps to take. Photographic evidence has become a crucial component to most successful lawsuits, so your lawyer may recommend photographic proof of your injuries. This guideline is especially true when presenting evidence of an injury that occurred in a place that would not typically be seen. Taking photographs of injuries that lessen over time is also advisable as the jury may not be able to see the injuries later.

Obtaining Photos of Treatment and Injuries

The easiest way to obtain a photo of an injury is for you to maintain a photographic record on your own. These photographs may not be of professional quality, but they should be sufficient for your case. Also include any change in treatment regimen, such as the removal of a cast and subsequent skin problems that develop. Doctors often take photographs of injury progressions and may provide evidence for your case. Many doctors use inter-operative photos to show the process of an operation.

Photographic Content and Uses

Photos taken immediately after an accident may show scars, black eyes, and other temporary injuries, but they are powerful evidence when conveying the pain you suffered as a result of the accident. Photos of treatments are also important as they demonstrate the medical intervention necessary after the accident. Verbal descriptions are often not as effective at conveying the discomfort and pain involved in an injury as visual evidence.

Contact a Carlsbad Auto Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an auto accident, consider contacting George Charles Heppner, the San Diego personal injury attorney today at (619) 235-4300 for more information on filing a personal injury lawsuit. Photographic evidence may help your Carlsbad auto accident lawyer create a solid and compelling case for your compensation.