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Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer Explains the Insurance Claim Process

This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

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Carlsbad personal injury lawyer Charles Heppner understands that bad faith insurance companies dominate the insurance marketplace, as most insurance companies have a standard denial protocol when handling personal injury claims. This is especially true when you are filing a personal injury claim resulting from an automobile accident. Regardless of the cause of the personal injury, insurance companies still train their claims adjusters to be professional negotiators with a focus on reducing claims as much as possible using whatever means necessary to convince a claimant to settle for less than the actual value of their claim.Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer - Two Car Accident

Handling a personal injury claim from an auto accident is no undertaking for an injured accident victim because the insurance company will immediately see an opportunity to act nice and reduce the total claim payout by using perceptive positive public relations policy toward claimants. Do not be deceived. The adjusters are professional negotiators, and you will need an experienced Carlsbad personal injury lawyer to evaluate your case for a maximum settlement amount.

Having a Carlsbad personal injury attorney can also make a major difference in your insurance claim when you file with an insurance company that is accessing every move to reduce a claim amount. When a claimant does not accept the first “low ball” offer, the company will often move into to an investigative position and begin looking for reasons to deny the claim.

The truth is that any reason can be claimed to the injured victim, but a solid Carlsbad personal injury lawyer like Charles Heppner will be able to recognize when the insurance company is using bad faith negotiation tactics that could result in a separate lawsuit when the court agrees that negotiations have not followed legal guidelines. All insurance companies have internal legal teams that work daily on how to refuse personal injury claims, including conducting their own investigation into an accident claim in an effort to request dismissal.

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The truth is that these investigations are obviously biased attempts to discharge a personal injury claim, and it is imperative to have an experienced Carlsbad personal injury lawyer to prosecute your claim for a maximum benefit. For more information, call George Charles Heppner – Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer at (619) 235-4300.