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The Difference Between Strong and Weak Witness Testimony

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

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Social Security Disability attorneyStrong witness testimony might make the difference between being found eligible for disability benefits and being denied. According to a Social Security Disability attorney, the foundation of solid testimony is detail. The more detailed the testimony, the better and stronger it is.

Following are some examples of weak and strong witness testimony provided by a Social Security Disability law firm.

Testimony from a Family Member

Weak: My wife is disabled because of the pain from her injury.

Strong: Ever since my wife came home from the hospital, it seems like she is always in pain. She never seems comfortable, even at night. I hear her tossing and turning. A lot of nights, she has to get up and take pain medication because the pain keeps her awake. Her doctor gave her a prescription for pain medication and told her she could take up to four pills a day. Most days, she has to take at least six pills and she will take several over-the-counter pain pills as well.

Before my wife was injured, we liked to go out places: to the movies, out to dinner or visiting with friends. Since her injury, we hardly ever go anywhere. My wife says she is in too much pain to ride in the car or sit in a chair for too long. I have to do all of the errands now because my wife is too tired and in too much pain to go places. I also have to do all the housework.

Testimony from a Friend

Weak: Claimant cannot do his yard work.

Strong: The claimant has always taken pride in his property and did all of his own yard work. Ever since he was injured, he has stopped taking care of his yard. I stop by when I can and mow his lawn and do some trimming. Whenever I see him now, he is usually laying down either in bed or on his sofa. If he does get up to get a drink or a snack, he seems weak and slow. I also notice that he drops things a lot now, which he never used to do.

Testimony from a Co-worker

Weak: I noticed that the claimant was disabled when she worked with me at the factory.

Strong: I have worked at the factory with the claimant for eight years. Before she was injured, she was one of the fastest workers on the assembly line. Ever since she was injured, she can barely keep up. One day on the line, she passed out and the supervisor had to call an ambulance for her.

A lot of us feel bad and we try to help her and do her work so she will not get in trouble. The supervisor moved her to a department where the work is not as heavy. She never used to call into work either, but ever since she got hurt, she calls in a lot. I think she missed work five days in one month. After that, she stopped working at the factory.

A Social Security Disability attorney can help witnesses prepare for an upcoming hearing and practice their testimony with them. Contact San Diego Disability Law Group (Aline Gaba and George Heppner).