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When to Expect Settlement

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

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San Diego brain injury attorney Gavel and StethoscopeIf your San Diego brain injury attorney believes that settlement will be possible, he or she may submit a demand letter. The amount of time after this letter is received and when you will likely receive a settlement offer for your traumatic brain injury claim depends on a number of factors. Generally, you can expect a settlement offer within a few months. If the claim is clear regarding liability and damages, you may receive an offer within one to two months. Your San Diego brain injury attorney can also walk you through the following factors and their impact on your case.

Insurance Company

Your San Diego brain injury lawyer can explain that the philosophy and internal claims process of the insurance company can be an important factor in your settlement timeline. For example, the number of supervisors that are required to approve a settlement offer can delay the settlement.

Case Specifics

Information related to your specific case can have a dramatic impact on the settlement time frame. For example, if liability is clear and no other parties can be held to be partially responsible for damages, this can cause your settlement process to be faster. Additionally, if your claim is well-documented during the preparation period, it is more likely to be resolved quickly. However, if the settlement demand of your San Diego brain injury lawyer is too high, you can expect a longer back and forth period.

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