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FAQs about Your Personal Injury Case

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

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San Diego personal injury attorney - Gavel and StethoscopeIf you have filed a personal injury case, you might have numerous questions about the process. For example, you might wonder if your case could still settle out of court even when a trial is scheduled. Our San Diego personal injury attorney has found that many cases do settle even days before court and might not go to trial.

Your Responsibilities During the Case

Once the case begins the court process, your San Diego personal injury lawyer will talk to you further about your responsibilities. You will probably be directed to go through a deposition and answer an interrogation about the case. As you go through this process, you will need to keep in contact with your attorney by updating them on any changes to your status such as contact information or changes to your health.
If your San Diego personal injury attorney calls or sends you a letter, make sure to reply promptly. They might ask you for specific paperwork, and you should provide that as soon as possible. In addition, keep your documentation and bills organized so that your lawyer has current information on the case. You should also keep your job and remain law-abiding as the case progresses.

How a Lawyer Bills You for Work on Your Case

While a San Diego personal injury lawyer could work on a contingency fee, the case might incur additional expenses. A contingency fee means that you only pay if the other party settles or if you are awarded a favorable verdict in court. Some attorneys will ask for additional charges if the case goes to trial since litigating the case is costly and takes a long time.
Your attorney will need to organize paperwork, prepare depositions, do research and communicate with the defense lawyer and other involved parties. Other members of his legal team such as office personnel, paralegals and associates might work on your case before it goes to trial.

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