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san diego personal injury attorney


San Diego Personal injury attorney

Should I Hire an Attorney Immediately?

Yes. Hire a San Diego Personal injury attorney as soon as you can. The other side’s insurance company has a team of workers dedicated to looking out for the insurance company. You need a San Diego Personal injury attorney that you can trust on your side.

How Long Do I Have To File a Claim?

The statute of limitations that governs your case will dictate the time frame within which you must file your claim. Don’t let the time to file your claim expire. Contact a San Diego Personal injury attorney today to get started.

What Can I Do If I Am Having Problems With an Insurance Company?

Do not expect the insurance company for the opposing party to pay your bills as they arise. Medical expenses will be evaluated at the end of the case as part of your damages. However, if your health insurance company refuses to pay your bills, contact your San Diego Personal injury attorney. He will advocate for you, and make sure that your insurer lives up to their responsibilities.

A good San Diego accident injury lawyer also knows that some auto insurance policies, as well as private and/or commercial policies, contain a medical coverage clause. Do not guess or assume when it comes to insurance. Talk to your San Diego Personal injury attorney to determine the terms of your policy.

Do I Have to Find My Own Experts?

No. Your San Diego Personal injury attorney will guide you through this process, and find the right expert.

How Much Information Must I Give The Insurance Company?

Do not sign anything, or give any written, or recorded statements, without first talking to your San Diego Personal injury attorney. Once you retain an attorney the insurance company should not contact you directly.

Contact a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

This is a complicated process, that can be very overwhelming and frightening. Leave it to the professionals. Call the San Diego Personal injury attorney George C. Heppner today. Dial (619) 235-4300, toll free at (877) 901-4111. Don’t do this without a San Diego Personal injury attorney.