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How to Be a Good Witness

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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San Diego drunk driving accident lawyer - Witness on StandAre you about to become a witness in a court case? A San Diego drunk driving accident lawyer has some tips on how you can be a good witness.

Listen Carefully to the Question

Do not anticipate the question or rush to answer. Listen carefully to the question and wait for the attorney to finish before answering.

Speak Clearly

Answer with “yes” and “no” instead of nodding or saying “um,” “yeah” or “nah.”

Never Lose Your Temper

A good defense attorney knows that it is easier to win a case when they can get the witness to lose his or her temper. The attorney may badger you, intimidate you or break up your rhythm in an attempt to get you flustered. A San Diego drunk driving accident attorney recommends you react courteously under all circumstances. Keeping your cool will impress the jury.

Look at the Jurors

Eye contact with the jury is one of the most important things you can do. Treat the jury as a good friend or a close relative. You are more believable when you make eye contact.

Do Not look at Your Lawyer

The jury becomes suspicious because it looks like your lawyer has been feeding you answers.

Be Yourself

Don’t worry about being nervous. That will go away. However, you do not want to present yourself as someone you are not. Be comfortable.

No Flopping

“Flopping” is when pro athletes fake a fall or injury to get a penalty in their favor. No one likes or respects it. Be truthful about how you feel, and don’t exaggerate. Do not fake how you feel.

Tell the Truth

Even if the truth is hard to say, the truth is the most important part of your case. If the defense attorney catches you in a lie, it will damage your credibility and your case.

San Diego Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

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