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I Was Injured Tripping on a Sidewalk (Can I Sue?)

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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Personal Injury Attorney San DiegoOur personal injury attorney San Diego understands that individuals injured due to structural negligence on the part of a municipal government are not always successful in recovering damages. Cities are not necessarily held to the same scrutiny as private persons or property owners with regards to providing a reasonable duty of care for individuals. Governments must balance public safety and budgetary concerns when making decisions on what structural repairs and improvements must be made, and many times a mere patch job can indicate reasonable maintenance of public property. However, it is still not impossible to recover damages from a government agency when your San Diego personal injury attorneys have the proper information.


Suing a city is much like filing a claim against a private individual or business in some respects. Your attorney will need proof that an injury happened, along with the time, date, and location of the accident. It is important to remember that the time periods for filing a claim against a public agency are not always consistent with the statute of limitations for suing private entities. The injury claim should be filed with the appropriate agency as soon as possible, depending on the particular city or state. Most filing deadlines for claims against a government agency are 90-180 days. It is very important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and make sure to secure a copy of the medical treatment bills to be presented to your San Diego personal injury attorneys.

Trip-and-Fall Injuries

Trip-and-fall injuries are an excellent example of a type of injury that is often recoverable. Tripping on a public street is a common accident, but there are also rules that control when the government agency has failed to act responsibly. It it unrealistic to expect a city to repair every little break in a walkway or highway, but sometimes measurements can matter. Your personal injury attorney San Diego can inspect the defective city property during the investigation and present it as material evidence in your case, along with your medical evidence.

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