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How Insurance Companies Use the Colossus Program to Determine Case Value

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

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Clients of a San Diego personal injury attorney often have questions about a computer program called Colossus that is used by insurers to value claims.

A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Will Explain the Idea of Colossus

More than half of the insurers in the U.S. are now using Colossus. The adjuster will provide data to the program. The program will then provide a report detailing what the case’s value should be in a settlement. Although it is used by so many companies, it has numerous flaws that compromise its reliability. The program is virtually guaranteed to reduce the value of a claim.

The program doesn’t look kindly on soft tissue injuries. Because injuries are placed in the subjective or objective categories, soft tissue will be viewed as subjective. Colossus looks negatively at bills from chiropractors and, coincidentally, these are often the highest bills. Colossus will also calculate the attorneys involved in the case and whether they have a history of settling cases or taking them to trial. Jurisdictions are also relevant to the program.

In essence, Colossus is used so the adjuster can try to reduce the amount of the claim as much as possible and have a reason for doing so. The program doesn’t account for such difficult-to-quantify issues as loss of consortium, pain, suffering and other issues that don’t show up on a medical report.

While Colossus examines cases in a mathematical way, this is the opposite to the way a jury will look at it. A jury will be able to empathize with an injured person and what he or she has lost. It is up to an attorney to explain to a jury why the amount Colossus comes up with is inaccurate and, many times, is based on what the adjuster wants it to say.

What Your Personal Injury Case May Be Worth

Filing a personal injury lawsuit after an accident is an individual decision that might feel overwhelming. However, you need to be informed about how much your case could be worth. Our San Diego personal injury attorney will discuss possible compensation and how to pursue legal action.

Speak to an Experienced San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

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