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Keeping Track of Your Bills Explained By a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

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Gavel and Money San Diego Personal Injury AttorneyThere are certain things that a San Diego personal injury attorney will ask his/her client to do when defending a personal injury claim. Once of these is to keep close track of your medical bills. This might feel unnecessary. After suffering an injury from an accident, the last thing that you probably want to worry about is organizing paperwork and making copies of records; you will probably be more focused on recovering from your injuries.

However, your medical bills are crucial to the ultimate value of your personal injury claim, so if you want to maximize your chances of complete reimbursement, it is a good idea to keep thorough records. Here are some tips on how you can keep track of your medical bills:

  • Get a bill for every doctor’s or medical facility visit. Whether it is your primary treating physician, a hospital, a physical therapist visit, or a testing facility, get a bill for every visit you make.
  • Save your prescription bills. For every prescription and over-the-counter drug you purchase due to your injuries, save copies the bills or receipts.
  • Make your own itemized chart and timeline for your medical expenses. Include the date of each service, what kind (checkup, therapy, test, etc.), the amount that was charged to you, and how you paid the initial bill (via insurance or out of pocket). If you make the effort to update this table after each expense as your case goes on, it will make it much easier for you and your San Diego personal injury attorney to compile a final figure later.
  • Send your lawyer a copy of every medical bill or prescription bill that is related to your injury. Don’t assume that the medical facilities will automatically send them.

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