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Product Liability Actions 

This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

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San Diego personal injury attorneyManufacturers of consumer products, including automobiles, appliances or medications, are under a heightened duty to ensure the products are safe, free from unreasonable danger and without hazardous defects. If a product is known to cause certain dangers or side effects, the manufacturer must either pull it from the shelves or issue a warning to consumers thereby allowing the consumer to make an informed decision as to whether to purchase the item. If a manufacturer or seller does not adhere to these principles and a person is injured as a result, a product liability action could expose the manufacturer to significant liability. A San Diego personal injury attorney discusses the basics of a product liability action.

A product liability action begins with an injury, and it does not matter how severe the injury. Moreover, the injury required under the law can be financial or physical including property damage. In other words, if the product malfunctioned and caused harm, the injury element is likely met.

In order to advance a successful product liability action, your San Diego personal injury lawyer must show that the product maker knew or should have known that the product was unsafe for consumer use. Actual knowledge is often proven with evidence of email communication between internal employees or reports of injuries submitted to the company. Implied knowledge can be proven by showing that a reasonable manufacturer of a similar product would have issued a warning about the product.

From there, if it is shown that the product maker knew or should have known of the danger, liability may ensue if the defendant failed to properly warn consumers about the known risks of harm.

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