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The Role of the Defendant in a Boat Accident Case

This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

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San Diego boat accident attorney Scales, Gavel and U.S. FlagIf you have been involved in a boating accident that caused an injury, the insurance company will contact the person whom you believe is responsible for the incident. As a San Diego boat accident attorney will tell you, this person is also known as either the tortfeasor or the defendant.

Contact with the Defendant

The insurance adjuster will collect reports regarding the accident and take the defendant’s statement. In most cases, these reports and statements are recorded, transcribed or written. Once the initial statements and investigation have been completed, there is generally very little contact between the tortfeasor and the insurer.

Additionally, there is generally little or no contact between you, the plaintiff, and the defendant.In other words, the defendant will give his or her initial statement regarding the accident and then go about his or her life while the insurer works on settling the case unless the case results in a lawsuit.The Defendant’s Involvement in Litigation according to a San Diego boat accident attorney, in the event that the case does not settle, it will proceed to litigation. That is to say, the case will move forward to a trial in civil court. In that case, the defendant will be contacted by the insurer. The insurance company will provide an attorney to represent the defendant in the case.

The defendant will be required to cooperate with the attorney assigned to his or her case and participate in the process. For instance, the defendant will be required to make a court appearance during the trial. It is important to make the distinction that the lawsuit will not be brought against the insurer. It will be brought against the defendant. However, it is the insurance company that is most likely to pay the settlement.

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