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Our San Diego Car Accident Lawyer Recommends Recording Your Medical Expenses

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

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San Diego Car Accident Lawyer If you have been injured in an accident, our San Diego car accident lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. Gathering and keeping a thorough medical expense record is essential to maximizing your chances at a successful personal injury claim. If your attorney is unable to obtain the proper medical records, your record will lack the authority needed to get the claim to which you are entitled. While you may still receive some amount in settlement, your goal is to provide as much factual evidence as possible to convince the judge in charge of your case that you deserve payment based on a certain minimum amount. If your San Diego car accident lawyer does not factor in a large medical bill when asking for a settlement, you may have to settle for significantly less than you actually paid. The purpose of expense records is to prove the damages you incurred and allow the judge to make an educated decision based on hard numbers.

Obtain Medical Bills

The first step to winning your case is to work with a San Diego car accident lawyer to obtain medical bills that serve as evidence for your claims. From chiropractic care to therapy, include any and all medical bills related to your accident in your file.

Keep a Separate Log of Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses should be kept separately to keep things as clear as possible. There should be no appearance of corruption or confusion when the judge looks through your records. You should also leave as little for the other party’s attorney to challenge as possible. It is not possible to be too thorough in recording your prescriptions, doctor’s visits and other medical treatments.

Write Each Provider

Your San Diego car accident lawyer should formally request records from each one of your medical providers. This not only ensures that each record is accounted for but creates a record of when you asked for the documents. In some cases, it may be easier for you to request the records of yourself. Your attorney may also want to make a separate request for medical expenses as billing and records tend to be handled independently in different medical facilities. Separate records ensure that the information gets into your hands faster.

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