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What a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Says About Keeping an Injury Journal

This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney - Personal Injury Claims FormIf you have been hurt in an accident and are seeking compensation, a San Diego personal injury attorney advises that one of the best ways you can help your case is to keep a detailed journal.

Communicating Pain

If you are suffering or in pain, you need to communicate how you feel to the court or to insurance adjusters. A San Diego personal injury lawyer knows that, by recording how you feel, you can effectively communicate your level of pain. This is especially important if you have no visual manifestation of your injury. While it may seem difficult initially to take the time to write down how you feel, it will be very important later to track your recovery and the length of time you suffered from your injury.In addition, a San Diego personal injury attorney realizes that much time may pass between your injury and trial, and it will be impossible to remember how you felt each day. Keeping a journal will allow you to remember specific details from each day that you suffered.

Keeping a Symptom Diary

There are certain steps that your personal injury lawyer San Diego might advise you to take if you hope to receive the maximum settlement you are entitled to. You will want to be able to substantiate and document the full extent of your injuries to the insurer’s satisfaction. One way to do this is to keep a regular symptom diary.

How to Write Your Journal

A San Diego personal injury lawyer believes that it is best for you to complete the journal in your own handwriting. If your injury precludes you from writing the journal yourself, then you may type your notes. Also, if your handwriting is weak or difficult to read, then typing your notes is a good option.Keep your notes confidential; do not share them with friends or family. You should share them regularly with your attorney.

Retain Legal Counsel

If you have any questions about maintaining an injury journal, contact George Charles Heppner, San Diego Personal Injury Attorney, at (619) 235-4300.