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A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Lawsuits and Waivers

This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney gavel and bookWhen speaking with your San Diego personal injury attorney about your case, you may need to talk about a personal injury waiver that you signed before you were injured. These waivers are used by schools, religious organizations, and companies when there are risky activities taking place.

These waivers are intended to protect these entities from being sued if you are hurt while participating in the activity. While these are legal documents, your attorney will explain to you that there are many reasons why these waivers may not be valid and why you still may be able to sue for damages. Some of these reasons include:


These waivers do not cover acts of negligence by the entity. Negligent acts or acts of carelessness in protecting the participants are not protected by the waiver.

Willful Wrongdoing

Willful wrongdoing occurs when the entity does something that they know could endanger the participant such as not purchasing the right safety equipment so they can cut costs.


Children do not have the authority to sign a waiver. For a waiver to be legally binding, the person signing it must have the mental capacity to understand what is contained in the document.

Misrepresentation or Fraud

The entity that is providing the waiver must not hide the risks associated with the activity or hide what is contained in the waiver. Your San Diego personal injury attorney will speak in depth with you about this subject.

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