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A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Looks at Payment of Medical Invoices

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

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Every San Diego personal injury attorney knows how medical bills can mount up in a personal injury case. This article addresses how these expenses can be met.
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Advice from Your San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer on Sources Of Payment

Any of the methods below can be of help to you as you attempt to meet your medical expenses. This includes bills from physicians, hospitals, trauma centers and other providers. Some sources are:

• Health insurance that you own through your personal means.

• Health benefits that are provided by your place of employment.

• Policies that were bought on your behalf by members of your family such as your husband or wife, father or mother or your in-laws.

• You can apply for worker’s compensation through your human resources department if the accident occurred while you were working and falls within the specifications of the program.

• If your injury was sustained in a traffic accident while you or someone else was driving in either your vehicle or the other person’s, there may be provisions under either their automobile insurance or yours that may cover your injuries and payment will be made at settlement. This assumes that the driver was not an uninsured motorist.

• The tortfeasors may be held responsible for your medical expenses if they have the appropriate insurance coverage. Payment will not normally be made as the bills are received by you or in the order at which they come in. These invoices should be assembled by your San Diego personal injury lawyer and presented when the case is resolved so that payment can be made out of funds awarded at settlement.

• Failing any of the above, you will be responsible for paying your bills out of your personal savings unless you are able to find an alternative means of payment.

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