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Our Personal Injury Attorney San Diego Helps Clients Challenge Psychological Test Results

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

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gavel next to stethoscope Personal Injury Attorney San DiegoIf you suffer an accident and file a lawsuit, with a personal injury attorney San Diego, which is your right, expect the defense to attempt to destroy your case. One means they often use is to request psychological testing. The goal is to make you appear less than credible before the judge and jury. Nevertheless, all is not lost. Your personal injury attorney will have a wealth of tools to challenge the defense claims against your mental state. To help you better understand how lawyers battle back against psychological tests and the results, following is an explanation of what they do.

1. Know the Testing Procedures and Purposes

The first thing a good lawyer will do is learn all about the test. There should be an accepted protocol for administering the test. If the medical staff did anything improper, then the validity of the results are questionable. Moreover, your legal representative will want to ascertain whether or not the test, requested by the defense, actually serves the purpose of the present case. All testing seeks to inform about a specific set of conditions. If your supposed ailment is tangential to the purposes of the test, then again, it is probably invalid.

2. Know Authoritative Doctrines and Definitions

Your personal injury attorney San Diego will also study the authoritative texts in the particular psychological field of the test. These books are the ones whose opinions and arguments will hold sway in court.

3. Obtain Unbiased Exam Scoring Data

The defense will prepare a report to summarize the results of your psychological examination. It would be remiss for your personal injury attorney San Diego to accept this presentation of you at face value. Obviously, the defense will present themselves in the best light and you, well, in the worst. Your attorney will request the raw data, the actual answers you provided. Doing so allows your lawyer to create a more representative and objective report to provide the judge and jury.

Get Legal Help from a Personal Injury Attorney San Diego Now

If the defendant of your lawsuit requests any form of psychological testing, it is best for you to contact a personal injury attorney San Diego, such as George Charles Heppner, at (619) 235-4300, as soon as possible.