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Our San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys Discusses Reasonable Insurance Companies

This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

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San Diego Personal Injury AttorneysNot all insurance companies are unreasonable in negotiating with injured people in their accident claims. Mid-sized carriers are more likely to be reasonable than large companies. Many large companies prefer to litigate claims and do not extend reasonable offers of settlement. If the insurance company involved in your claim is one that is a more reasonable carrier, you may be more likely to settle your case earlier in the process.

High Profile Insurance Companies Versus Those You’ve Heard Less About

In many cases, the insurance companies that spend the most on advertising and who have lower premiums are large carriers, which tend to be more conservative and less likely to make reasonable offers. If you are fortunate enough to instead be dealing with an insurance company that is more regional in nature, you are likelier to reach a fair settlement without having to file a lawsuit and proceed through court litigation.

How Your San Diego Injury Attorney May Use a Different Strategy with a Reasonable Insurance Company

If you are dealing with a company that is known for its reasonableness in settling cases out of court, your lawyer is likely to use a different approach when negotiating with the adjuster. In many cases, adjusters who work for more reasonable carriers are also more reasonable themselves. They are more open to reasoning from lawyers and may be more amenable to raising the amount of your extended settlement offer based upon the information and evidence provided to them by your attorney. Smaller insurance carriers are often more willing to resolve claims instead of pursuing litigation. An adjuster working for a regional carrier may be more likely to meet personally with your lawyer to discuss your case and their own personal philosophy regarding claims evaluation. If your lawyer explains to you that you have the fortune to be dealing with a company that has a reputation for settling claims, you should thus expect that your attorney is likely to enter into extensive negotiations before ever resorting to filing a lawsuit. Understanding the difference between companies and the adjusters who work for them is one important part of good personal injury representation. Not every case will need to go through a trial. If your attorney is instead able to negotiate a fair settlement for you, you may be able to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigating your case in court. In most cases, your attorney will likely be able to provide you with a fair assessment of the type of carrier with which you are dealing in your case. If the insurance company is an unreasonable one, you may have to litigate the matter through a lawsuit.

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