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Do You Have a Back or Neck Injury? Call a Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego Residents Trust

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A substantial part of my practice as a personal injury lawyer San Diego involves helping clients who have suffered neck and back injuries caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and slips, trips, and falls recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of quality of life.

Your neck and back are part of your spinal column. The spinal column consists of vertebrae which are separated from one another by inter-vertebral discs. These discs allow the spine to move freely and act as shock absorbers during activity. At each vertebral level, a pair of spinal nerves exit the spinal cord through small openings. These nerves serve the muscles, skin and tissues of the body and thus provide sensation and movement to all parts of the body. The delicate spinal cord and nerves are supported by muscles and ligaments that are attached to the vertebrae. During  an  accident these vertebrae, nerves, muscles and ligaments  can be  seriously  injured.

Signs & Symptoms of a Back Injury or Neck Injury

Neck and back pain may be caused by tears in the supporting muscles and ligaments, a fractured vertebrae or damage to a disc. Symptoms include:

  • Stiffness restricting range of motion
  • Pain that may radiate into your arms or legs
  • Muscle spasm either with activity, or at rest
  • Inability to maintain normal posture
  • Persistent and intractable pain
  • Muscle weakness, tingling, numbness or burning

Diagnosis is made by your doctor based on your history, symptoms, a physical exam and results of diagnostic studies.  Your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce the pain or inflammation, and muscle relaxants to allow time for healing to occur. Trigger point injections can temporarily relieve pain.

Treatment for Back Injuries & Neck Injuries

Physical therapy is often prescribed for neck and back injuries. Your therapist will perform an in-depth evaluation which, combined with the doctor’s diagnosis, will dictate a treatment protocol specifically designed for you. Therapy may include traction, massage, ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and stretching exercises.

When conservative treatment does not provide relief, your doctor may recommend steroid injections to help ease your pain or surgery to fuse the vertebrae, release pinched nerve roots, or remove some disc material.

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Seek Legal Assistance From a Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego Residents Trust

As an experienced personal injury lawyer San Diego residents trust, I know that all of these treatments are expensive.  In addition, my clients are often forced to miss time from work because of the pain caused by neck and back injuries. The pain sometimes lasts a lifetime.

While you may have no choice in the circumstances which caused your neck and back injury, you have a choice now whether to seek recourse through the law. There are certain advantages in retaining a personal injury lawyer San Diego residents believe in. Promptness will enable the attorney to gather information more easily.  Otherwise, as time passes after your injury, witnesses become harder to find, physical evidence may be lost or damaged, and memories may start to fade. In addition, the Statute of Limitations establishes a certain deadline after which civil claims can no longer be filed.

I have nearly 30 years of experience as a personal injury attorney representing neck and back injury victims in San Diego. My case review is free and because I work on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay me anything unless I win your case.

You can contact me at 619-235-4300 or simply fill out the FREE CASE REVIEW form on this page to set up a consultation at my San Diego office. I thank you for taking the time to visit my website and if I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me today.