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How Our San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Handles Witness Depositions

This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

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San Diego Personal Injury LawyerDuring the discovery phase of a case, your San Diego Personal injury lawyer will take steps to learn more about your claim. A deposition is one important element in this pre-trial process. During a deposition, your attorney will gather important information from witnesses who will provide testimony. Out-of-court depositions allow your attorney to determine how a witness can help your case. Testimony from a witness who has candor, credibility and attentiveness is generally more acceptable to a jury. Your attorney will also probe the witness and follow up on questions.

Identifying Important Case Issues

Following a deposition, your San Diego personal injury lawyer will understand both sides of the story and know which issues affect your case. If you were injured by a distracted driver, your attorney may ask the witness or defendant these questions.

  • Were you driving a red Ford pickup at the time of the accident?
  • Are you confident that the plaintiff was wearing a seatbelt immediately before the collision?
  • Can we agree that you failed to observe the stop sign before you hit the plaintiff’s car?
  • Is it true that you told the responding officer that you were sending a text message when the accident occurred?
  • Do you agree that the accident happened on a hilly, curvy section of the road?
  • You only glanced at the road for a split-second before the accident occurred. Is that correct?

Confirming Facts

Information gleaned during a deposition gives your attorney valuable insight into the accident, how it occurred and which details support your case. Depositions ensure that there are no surprises in court. Your attorney will know exactly what a witness is going to say and what evidence can prove or disprove the statement. Information gathered during the deposition ties the witness to a specific position. That way, the defendant cannot change the facts during the trial. Witness testimony can also help the insurance company accurately evaluate your claim.

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