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Understanding What Will Happen After a Personal Injury Trial Is Completed

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

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Clients of a San Diego personal injury attorney usually have questions about what will happen after the trial has taken place.San Diego personal injury attorney - Scales, Gavel and American Flag

Often A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Fields Various Questions About A Trial’s Aftermath

1) How much time will elapse before receiving the money in the event of a win?

When a client receives a favorable verdict, it will generally take several weeks to one month for the results to be finalized. Unless the defense lawyer chooses to file an appeal, the attorneys will calculate all the aspects including the lawyers’ fees, deductions, interest and other expenses.

2) What will happen in the event of a loss?

Obviously, this is not the result that is hoped for. However, it is possible. In the event that it does, the lawyer will determine the possibility of filing an appeal. An appeal can be costly, but your attorney will discuss it with and decide if it is a good idea.

3) Can a settlement be negotiated even after losing the case?

There are instances in which the insurance company will consider offering a settlement to preclude the filing of an appeal. It is unlikely for this to happen, but in certain cases there is a chance. It is preferable to try and win the case the first time around and not have to worry about filing an appeal or hoping for a settlement. If the case involves liability, the fault is clear and you have been properly prepared for the trial, there’s a good chance at winning. Justice frequently wins out.

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