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Wrongful Denials by the Insurance Company

This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

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The insurance company hires adjusters to do everything they possibly can to turn down claims. Policyholders might simply take a denial at face value and believe they cannot be San Diego personal injury attorney  Gavel and Legal Bookscompensated for their losses. In some cases, the adjuster is using dishonest practices so that they do not have to compensate victims after an accident. In fact, our San Diego personal injury attorney has seen these zealous efforts lead to wrongful claim denials.

Review Your Denial Letter with Our San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm

If you are questioning the merits of your denial letter, contact our San Diego personal injury attorney. We have seen various questionable explanations for a denial that might not even have anything to do with your case. Watch for the following behaviors when a claim is denied, such as the lack of specific information or relevant facts about the reason for the denial, quotes about coverage that are not in the policy, or no supporting documentation regarding the denial.

A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Explains Improper Denials

In addition, an improper denial might include references to information that has nothing to do with your claim or attempts to later defend their actions even after they wrote the denial letter. If the insurance company requests additional information even though they have denied the claim, be aware that they can use said information against you later. The insurance company might fail to meet with the policyholder prior to the denial, allege that you did not properly complete the application for insurance or that you lied on your application. If the insurance company gave any of these reasons for a denial, our San Diego Personal Injury law firm can review your claim and take further action in order to fully protect your rights.

Contact A San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

If you believe your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, George Heppner, our San Diego personal injury attorney, is waiting to discuss your case with you. Once the insurance company realizes that you have retained competent counsel, they might decide to give up their efforts to deny your claim. Call 844-891-3500 now!